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AC Plymovent Kft.

We are a succesful actor of the process ventilation branch since over 20 years in Hungary, and surrounding countries. Our main profile is: at source extraction for the welding branch. After our foundation till now, we were operating under different structures as  representative, sole disztributorship, and joint venture  company. Around the 2000's we got market leader in several countries of our areas of operation not at least in Hungary.

Beside of our distributions activity, we provide the projecting and instalation of the extraction systems on request as well. Not to forget about the after sales service and genuine spareparts. We offer and provide service contracts including supervision, maintanance and occasional repair according to our customers wishes.

Our success is granted by the high end product range,europewise acknowledged experience, and customer oriented approach. The model of our moreover 20 years working equipments is the proof, our B2B partners got sustainable fume extraction systems operative on the long run, with all the functionalities still required and used.

Beside of Hungary, our systems can be found in  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia as well, several of these were designed and instaled by us. Beside of the Plymovent range in the focus, our projects are completed  on need with products coming from proven suppliers.  

The large number of our local and surrounding references puts our recognition far over other organizations working in the same branch.

Few of our technical solutions used formerly, appeared in the Plymovent product range and developments.

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