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T-Flex/CW Teleszkópos elszívókar

Teleszkópos elszívókar

Fontos tudni

  • For work benches and small working areas

  • Telescopic arm

  • Reach 2.5 m



The T-Flex/CW is a wall-mounted telescopic extraction arm with a rotatable hood. Incorporated into the hood is a throttle to control airflow at hood opening. The extraction arm is based on a telescopic tube with counterweight mechanism, allowing it to be extended to give a 2,5 m working radius. The arm is fitted with a spring balance which enables easy movement from a vertical to a horizontal position. This makes the arm is very suitable for welding booths in welding schools where horizontal positions are practiced on the workbench and other welding positions on a support.


  • RotaHood 360-degree friction-free rotatable extraction hood for easy positioning

  • Light impact resistant industrial plastic tubes

  • All movement of the arm is controlled from the hood

Mihez ajánljuk

  • Workbench

  • “In position” welding

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